Soryukan is a small martial arts school. We are located at Heilman Karate Academy, which is found at 102 Cleveland Ave, Reading, PA 19605. Our relationship with Heilman Karate Academy is a good one, but we are not a part of their business. Soryukan students pay separate dues to attend classes, and students attending karate classes and Soryukan classes will be asked to pay dues to both "schools". The relationship exists out of a mutal benefit. We provide financial support for the Heilman school in the form of rent payments to utilize the facility, and Heilman Karate Academy provides space and support for the existance of Soryukan.

Soryukan was formed in March of 2003 with the forming of a partnership between Jeremy Schoener and Tom DeAngelo. Tom has been teaching Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as part of Althouse Karate Academy in Hamburg, PA. Jeremy had previously run a jujitsu program at Heilman Karate Academy, but had needed to discontinue it temporarily. He was looking for a place to "set up shop". Jeremy had a contact with the Fleetwood Borough Hall and Community Center to obtain training space. Tom had mats and a small following of students, but wanted to move to a different location. They both trained at the same places and knew each other, so they decided to create a joint effort at propogating Danzan Ryu. That partnership produced Soryukan.

The first classes were held on the stage in the gymnasium of the Fleetwood Community Center. Students paid "dues" by simply dividing that night's cost ($25/class) amongst whomever was present. Instructors also paid. Eventually, however, the community center arrangement became constraining to Soryukan and its students. More training time was desired, and a more "dojo-like" atmosphere was needed. Jeremy and Tom approached C. Bruce Heilman about bringing Soryukan to Heilman Karate Academy in December of 2005, and Soryukan moved into the lower floor of Heilman Karate Academy at the beginning of January 2006.

In August 2008, DeAngelo Sensei stepped away from the instruction at Soryukan Dojo. He will be missed but it was something he felt he needed to do due to his busy professional and family schedules.