Jeremy Schoener - Head Instructor

Jeremy D. Schoener-sensei began his martial arts training in January of 1984 under the guidance of Jon Bonner-sensei in Tamaqua, PA. This early training was in an eclectic system of jujitsu called Goshin Ryu. Goshin Ryu Jujitsu is a compilation of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as taught by the AJJF (American Judo & Jujitsu Federation) during the early 1970's, Sykan Ryu Jujitsu, and Goshin Budo of the NKJU (National Karate & Jujitsu Union). He was promoted to the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt) in December of 1989 and Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in September of 1992.

In 1992, Schoener-sensei began training in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo under C. Bruce & Ann Marie Heilman. He was promoted to the rank of Shodan in both karate and kobudo in June of 1994. In 1995, he was asked to start a jujitsu program at the Heilman Karate Academy. The program continued until November of 2000 when Schoener-sensei was hired as a correctional officer, and due to his work schedule the program had to come to an end.

In March of 1995, after being asked to start the program at the HKA, Schoener-sensei saught out the traditional roots of his jujitsu which was Danzan Ryu. Schoener-sensei contacted the AJJF who put him in contact with Prof. Tom Hill, Shichidan (7th degree black belt). He has been a student of Prof. Hill since their first meeting. Schoener-sensei attained the rank of Shodan in November of 2004, Nidan in August of 2007, and Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in November of 2010.

In March of 2003, SoRyuKan Dojo was founded through a partnership by Schoener-sensei and Tom DeAngelo-sensei. In August of 2008, DeAngelo-sensei resigned from instructing at SoRyuKan Dojo due to his busy professional and family schedules.

Schoener-sensei also holds the rank of Nikyu (2nd degree brown belt) in Meishin Muso Ryu Iaido, and is a direct student of the style's founder and headmaster, Matsushita, Shuji-sensei. In addition to his various martial arts certifications, Schoener-sensei has over 600 hours of training in the healing arts of Danzan Ryu, also known as Seifukujitsu.

Schoener-sensei is employed at a county correctional facility and is part of the training cadre as a Use of Force and Defensive Tactics instructor. He is also a certified instructor of First Aid, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).


Mike "Woz" Woloszanski

I first started training Danzan Ryu at Millersville University Martial Arts club fall 2002 under Sensei Ben Delich of Seito Kemmi Kai Dojo, student of Professor Tom Hill. I continued training there until I moved back to Kutztown area in 2005 when I was recommended to train with Sensei Jeremy Schoener and Sensei Tom DeAngelo of Soryukan Dojo, who are both students of Professor Tom Hill. I trained there until 2006 when I moved away. After 4 years I returned to Soryukan Dojo in winter 2010-2011 and have been training there ever since. I received my Shodan from the AJJF in spring of 2013 and now enjoy helping to teach classes when I get the opportunity. I intend to keep training in Danzan Ryu for the duration of my life and to start training in Japanese sword on a regular basis. My goal is to someday open my own school in Kutztown and have students of my own. I would like to offer them the opportunity to find the same enjoyment and enlightenment that I discovered throughout the practice of Jujitsu over the years.

To me Jujitsu is not only about the physical aspect of the art, it is also about the trust and respect formed between practitioners during training and the sharing of knowledge in an open forum. My martial arts philosophy can be summed up nicely with a quote from Henry Okazaki “Anyone who practices Judo(Jujitsu) should neither be afraid of the strong nor despise the weak”

Outside the Dojo I enjoy running, biking, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, cooking, and learning new things about the observable universe.